Why do Indians prefer moving abroad for jobs? (2024)

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    Our country is the second-largest population in the world. Everything from agriculture to industry, trade, and commerce, science, and technology is advancing now. The number of brilliant students is not less. But it is seen that on the one hand, such highly educated brilliants are going abroad, on the other hand, day laborers are also going abroad to earn. Is there really so much deployment in the country? Such a big country, where despite the benefits of jobs, business, agriculture, etc., what makes them move to a different country? Share your comments.

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    It is not only India but many other countries where students are keenly desiring for going abroad for jobs. These are all either the poor countries or the developing ones. The charm of getting high salaries and having a house and car in a few years will attract anyone to these greener pastures. In our country we are struggling with our huge population and cannot provide jobs to so many people. When people are more and jobs are less then the salaries also go down. It is a difficult situation and in such a scenario if someone is desperately trying to go abroad then that is not a bad idea.

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    In Tamil there is a saying 'ikkaraikku akkarai pachchai' which means the other side seems to be better in some situations. Like this we all shifting or preferring to avail job in other countries and in some categories other states or places. Not only moving abroad but moving others states or other places in the same state is all just illusions as they believe they would get better job rather than in their own city. If they are from villages it is okey to have a second thought but from one city to city or state to state is just illusion and ignorance. After certain age only they will realize their selection is not a correct one, we cannot say this is wrong but we have to think what facility we lack in our city/state/country. Every thing is correct in our country as ours is overpopulated it seems to be abnormal where we can see the other countries more facilitated without considering that there the population is less and so the division is found more comfort than our country.

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    A simple answer is a growth in career, which motivates youth to prefer abroad for jobs. It is not that there are no good career options in our country or other countries or we cannot get jobs here, but the growth that we get in some foreign companies is not available in every other country. These days there are many such companies abroad which are attracting youth through training or courses and many such reasons come to the fore again. I am not in favor to settle abroad but for growth and to get knowledge and experiences it is a good option.

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    Unfortunately there has been passion among the youth to settle in abroad with studies and later a best job so that life becomes more enjoyable , settled and nothing more to ask. Those who gone abroad just for sight seeing were taken away with the developments there, the socializing, the freedom, feel like settling there even at the cost of lesser pay job on temporary basis as there are every chance to earn something or the other with the available skill. Probably for this reason those women who gone there as the maid servants, have started earning huge amount as baby sitters, doing tailoring jobs and even cooking to have the settled decent life. And in India there is no value for money nor the labor is paid right, and therefor the labor class are also flying away to other countries as driver and later to a better job as per qualification.

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    Brain drain is not something new and has always been a subject for discussion in developing nations whose talented pool is taken by the big world economy and developed nations through lure and enticement of money and good life. In my view, there are three important aspects to it
    1) Socialistic policies- More focus on representation from all communities rather than merit-based.
    There are many places in India where merit is not given that much value but a representation of every community is given more value and socialistic policy which at times demotivate talented people to seek those merit-based opportunities outside the country. When they are rejected in Indian institutes they find these opportunities outside.
    2) Huge packages-
    Big amount of cheques and salaries. And other perks and privileges, office hours, medical facilities and educational facilities for children's of employees.
    3) Red tape, Licensing systems, permits and lack of freedom
    What India lacks is the freedom to explore even if it provides opportunity it does not at times the kind of environment that outside countries provide. Even if we have come out of the era of License-Raj but we can still see red-tapism in many sectors of our society and that is a bummer for youngsters.

    Even though there are projects and now also avenues for new entrepreneurs but we are moving at quite a slow pace and all IITians, students from IIMs are going into countries with better opportunities and our talent is being utilised in the progress of countries like the USA, Canada and Australia.

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    There is no dearth of lucrative jobs in our country and definitely a genuine candidate can aspire for a higher post if he possesses expertise and sufficient experience in his chosen field. However, there is a limitation in terms of perks fo all sorts of jobs in India where as in the foreign countries, money is not the constraint for the really capable employees. Here stretching the time beyond the normal hours has been a regular feature affecting them psychologically. Hence switching their jobs from our country to USA, UK, Germany etc could be better option because of their recognition of talents over there. Hence we can observe that there is flight of talents of best engineers from IIT or management graduates from IIM for their better growth and recognition for their involvements.
    Our industries need thorough screening of the best talents and encourage such youths to explore the best means of maximising the output. Apart from that, the employers should strengthen their confidence in the areas of their jobs with the appropriate training wherever applicable.

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    There is a saying in Telugu that means the hills which are far ways are very smooth. In the same way, many people in India feel that the living conditions are very bright and they will try to go for a job abroad. In India, people are more. Merit may not be getting due importance in India. There are many other factors that are being considered for the selection of a candidate for a job. But in many other countries, merit will be given top importance. Today we are seeing many Indians settled abroad occupying very important positions in MNCs. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter etc., are being led by Indian CEOs.
    The chances abroad are more for merit candidates abroad. People are less and opportunities are more. Whereas in India it is the reverse. More people fewer opportunities. People are in demand in other countries. So they are shifting to those places where there is a demand for them.

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    Pakistan Cricketer Waqar Younis wife who is a reputed doctor in England she failed intermediate exams in Pakistan. I think this sums up the things. Many of my colleagues who did graduation in UK in reputed universities came to India and working for less salaries in Software Companies.

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    Why do Indians prefer moving abroad for jobs? (2024)


    Why do Indians choose to work abroad? ›

    Higher Pay

    This is the number one point that I found out while I was doing my own research. The people who seek overseas job want higher pay for the work they are doing. This is an issue that the Indian companies tend to overlook! The pay scale over here is very less if you try to compare with the foreign countries.

    What are the reasons for moving abroad? ›

    14 Life-Changing Benefits of Living Abroad
    • Stepping out of your comfort zone. ...
    • Developing cultural awareness. ...
    • Making friends from all over the world. ...
    • Having more opportunities to travel. ...
    • Learning how to effectively manage a budget. ...
    • Discovering how to manage relationships. ...
    • Learning a new language. ...
    • Better career prospects.
    Apr 19, 2022

    Why do people move overseas for work? ›

    Work is one of the most prominent reasons why people move overseas. This could be due to a company transfer, a new job opportunity, or a complete career change. Some countries are better suited for certain jobs and skills, which may inspire someone to set up camp elsewhere to advance their career.

    Why do people migrate from India? ›

    Better standard of living - The developed/destination countries provide better living standards, salaries, tax benefits, etc, which become a great attraction for emigration.

    Do Indians get job abroad? ›

    Indian professionals are actively looking for jobs abroad. Data from job site Indeed shows that Indians are scouting for job opportunities in the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia and Singapore.

    What are 3 benefits for companies moving people internationally? ›

    If you're on the fence about taking your company global, consider these five benefits of international business expansion.
    The Executive Checklist
    • Diversification. ...
    • Access to talent. ...
    • Competitive advantage. ...
    • Foreign investment opportunities.
    Dec 18, 2017

    Where do Indians migrate the most? ›

    India's large diaspora is distributed across the United Arab Emirates (3.5 million), the United States of America (2.7 million) and Saudi Arabia (2.5 million). Other countries hosting large numbers of Indian migrants included Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar and the United Kingdom, the report said.

    Why rich Indians are leaving India? ›

    Also safety concerns, taxation and standard of living are major drivers," Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth, a wealth intelligence firm, told CNBCTV18.com. However, according to Amoils, once the standard of living improves in India, many HNIs are likely to move back.

    Where do most people from India migrate to? ›

    The top source of international remittance in the world is the US, which accounts for $68 billion of the total money. Indians form 5.5 per cent of the migrant population of the US. It is followed by UAE ($43.2 billion) and Saudi Arabia ($34.6 billion).

    Do you think that moving abroad for better job is good? ›

    Getting a job abroad is awesome! You get exposed to new experiences, people and cultures that you never would get to if you stayed at home, and you grow by overcoming the challenges of working abroad. Interestingly, finding a job abroad is almost certainly easier than you think!

    Which is the most common cause of moving abroad? ›

    The Expat Insider survey divided the population into sub-groups with different motivations and goals. From each sub-group then emerged certain trends. The results exposed that the main reason for moving abroad is pursuing a better quality of life (21% of the population).

    How can Indians get job abroad? ›

    Steps to get a job abroad from India
    • Networking.
    • Overseas job fairs.
    • Worldwide companies hiring overseas positions.
    • International job boards.
    • International recruiters.
    • Apply to overseas jobs in-person.
    • Study or intern abroad.
    Oct 31, 2022

    How many Indians are working abroad? ›

    Out of 32 million Indian diasporas living outside the country, 18.68 million are persons of Indian origin, whereas 13.45 million are non-resident Indians, MEA data shows.

    How many Indian people are living abroad? ›

    According to a Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 32 million NRIs and OCIs residing outside India and overseas Indians comprise the world's largest overseas diaspora.
    Indian diaspora.
    Flag of India
    Total population
    c. 32 million
    United States4,460,000
    United Arab Emirates3,425,145
    39 more rows

    Why are so many Indian students moving abroad? ›

    One of these factors is high-quality higher education programmes. Students go abroad for higher education in popular institutions available in the destinations mentioned above. The second reason is that there is not enough space for Indian students to get higher education in India.

    Why are Indian students moving abroad? ›

    "More and more students go because the studies in foreign countries gives them advantage to get jobs opportunity to settle in those countries, so the Indian campuses of such universities will not be of any help to retain them,' said Ripun Das, who is moving to the United States this year for pursuing his management ...

    Why do most Indian students prefer to live in other countries? ›

    Employment Prospects

    One of the most prominent reasons why Indian students study abroad, is Employment. Students prefer to study abroad and get an international qualification as it boosts their career prospects. Apart from the qualifications, graduates receive higher salaries and get more job opportunities.

    How many Indians are moving abroad? ›

    India had the largest diaspora population in the world with 18 million people from the country living outside their homeland in 2020, according to a report by the United Nations.

    Why do students prefer to study abroad rather than in India? ›

    Studying internationally offers a wider variety of courses, some also including research options and skill-based training for students. This helps expand your horizons and opens up a world of new educational opportunities. Not only this, certain programs abroad also allow you to take different courses at the same time.

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