Top 15 Product Based Companies In Bangalore (2024)

Situated within the Karnataka state, Bangalore is well known as the ‘Sillicon Valley of India’. It is the IT capital of India having a Myriad of Information Technology Businesses here. Some International, some national, and some even solely Bangalore based. This is a piece of heaven for IT job seekers, especially for software engineers as there are many industries creating software.

Some companies herein are driven by the needs of the customer and cater to single clients these are the service-based companies. They sell their services in the field of software, so that the software developed by them is for a specific client. These are service based companies

On the other hand, there are companies where the software is built before a client is received. Here the products are sold to various clients. They sell their software products. These are product based companies. Below is my list of top 15 product based Companies in Bangalore.

  • Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd.: Microsoft is originally an American Multinational company, having its headquarters situated in Washington. Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd. is its subsidiary in India, with its branches in 9 cities, of them also in Bangalore. The working environment of Microsoft is well looked upon with numerous benefits for its employees, making it It’s software products are Microsoft Office 365 Education, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, Microsoft Teams Mocrosoft Office mobile app, Outlooks, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Flipgrid, Microsoft MakeCode, Yammer, Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Endpoing Manager, Surface, Microsoft 365 apps, Visual Studio 2019, Azure DevOps Server 2019, Windows Sever 2019, etc.

  • Google: Google is an American Multinational company providing internet related services such as online advertising technologies, cloud computing, hardware, software, search engines, etc. Google has a branch in Bangalore, which undoubtedly makes to the top product based companies in Bangalore list. Various Products by Google includes Android Auto, Android OS, Calendar, Cardboard, Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Chromebook, Chromecast, Connected Home, Contacts, Daydream View, Docs, Drawings, Drive, Earth, Finance, Forms, Gboard, Gmail, Google Alerts, Google Cast, Google Chat, Google ClassroomGoogle Duo, Google Meet, Google One, Google Pay, Google Photos, Google Play, , Google Store, Google Street View, Google Wifi, Hangouts, Keep, Maps, YouTube, etc.

  • Wipro: Western India Palm Refined Oil Ltd. (Wipro) was founded in the year 1945 in Maharashtra, it initially produced cooking oil. In the 1970’s the company ventured into the IT industry. Today Wipro Limited has its headquarters in Bangalore. Its services are information technology services such as Systems Integration, IT-enabled services, Consulting, R&D Services, Information Systems outsourcing, etc. Its products includes Wiplro HOLMES, Wipro Assurenxt, Wipro Smart i-Connect, Wipro VirtuaDesk, Wipro Promax, NetOxygen, Wipro Medicare Advantage 360, Wipro Croamis, Wipro OSS Smart, Wipro WAP Smart, etc.

  • Infosys: Infosys is a multinational corporation which was founded in 1981 by N. R. Murthy. It has its headquarters in Bangalore. It provides outsourcing services, information technology, business consulting, software development and maintenance. Its products include NIA (Next Generation Integrated AI Platform, IIP (Infosys Information Platform), EdgeVerve Systems, Finacle, Panaya Cloud Suite, Skava, etc.

  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services): Indian Multinational IT services and consulting company, having headquarter in Mumbai. Largest Indian IT company. mostly venturing in to application development, consulting enterprise software, payment processing, business process outsourcing, software Management, etc. Its Software products include TCS MasterCraft, TCS BaNCS, TCS iON Digital Glass Room, TCS iON RIO-45, TCS iON RIO-125, TCS iON RIO-210,

  • IBM (International Business Machines) India Pvt. Ltd:TheIndian subsidiary of IBM has its headquarter in Bangalore. It is offering computer hardware, consulting and IT services. IBM is mainly serving banking, retail and telecommunication. The various products by IBM include IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM Cloudant, IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management, Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery, IBM Clinical Development, MarketScan Treatment Pathways, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Watson Explorer, IBM Mobile Founation, IBM MaaS360 with Watson, IBM z15, IBM UrbanCode Build, etc.

  • Amazon: Amazon is an American Multinational Company, having its head quarters in Seattle. It provides a number of Amazon Web Services offering various cloud-based products such as storage, database, analytics, mobile, compute, networking, etc. The products include Amazon Glacier, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon Chime, AWS Batch, AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon WorkLink, Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon GameLift, Amazon Lumberyard, Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepComposer, AWS Cloud Map, AWS Direct Connect, etc.

  • SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) Labs India Pvt. Ltd.: SAP Labs India is a products based German company specializing in ERP & Digital Core, Customer Engagement & Commerce, Cloud & Data Platform, Procurement & Network etc. Various products of SAP include SAP Conversational AI, SAP Intelligent BPM, SAP Process Mining by Celonis, SAP Cloud Platform services, etc.

  • Intel: Intel is much beyond Processing, this company works towards invents of technology. In 1988, it was initially a established sales office in Banalore, which a degade later became Intel India Development Centre (IIDC). IIDC develops Intel Products relating to SoC, graphics, platforms, CPUs, Software, etc. The products of Intel include Intel FPGA Design Tools and Software, Intel Data Center Manager, Intel HPC Orchestrator, Intel System Management Software, etc. The best part is that Intel is not only good to its clients, but to employees to with having fitness centres, onsite clinics, indoor recreation amenities, cafes, etc. within the company premises.

  • Dell EMC: Dell EMC was founded in 1979 and has Headquarters in U.S. This company is selling products and services relating to information security, data storage, cloud computing, virtualization, analytic etc. Dell is targeting various vertical marketing including large companies small and medium sized business. The various products of Dell EMC includes PowerMax, Family, VNX Family, ECS, ScaleIO, XtremIO, Unito, NetWorker, DataDomain, Centera, SourceOne, RecoverPoint, PowerPath, VMware, VPLEX, ViPR SRM, ViPR Controller, Dell SecureWorks, VxBloxk, VSPEX, Virtustream, Greenplum, Pivotal, etc

  • Tehasoft Pvt Ltd:Techasoftis a Bangalore based IT Company. They provide services relating to software development, website development, mobile app development. Their products include Doctor Click Away, School PNT, Dr. Log, etc

  • Oracle: Oracle is an American Multinational software and technology company established in 1977 in California. It is headquartered in California and it sells cloud engineered systems, software products, database software and technology products, etc. Its products includes Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Rdb, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Oracle Beehive, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Designer, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL, Berkeley DB, TimesTen, Siebel, etc. Oracle is rather well known for its Business softwares.

  • Intuit: Intuit is a US based software company, having its Indian subsidiary established in 2005. It isa financial and business software company, having its head quarters in California. It develops software related to finance, tax preparation, and accounting. Its products include turbotax, quickbooks, mint.

  • Siemens:Siemens is a German multinational Company, established in 1847. The Indian subsidiary of Siemens has four units, viz. – Management Consulting, Shared Services, Finance and Controlling, and Technolog. Its products include MindSphere, SIMATIC, HMI, SCADA, BRAUMAT, SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC PCS NEO, SINETPLAN, PRONETA, TIA, etc.

  • CISCO: CISCO was established in 1984 and is a global technology leader, who established in India in 1995. Today 25 years later, there are 7 sales offices within India. Some of its products include Cisco Duo, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, Cisco Meraki vMX100, Cisco Kinetic, Cisco Webex, Cisco AppDynamics, etc.

  • We understand that the Product based companies are always a blessing to work with more than a service based company. So, this was our list, it should help out job seekers on an lookout for a good company within Bangalore to work for. Adios!

    Top 15 Product Based Companies In Bangalore (2024)
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