The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (2024)

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (1)

It might be tough to make the transition from physical books to eBooks, but it's a worthwhile endeavor. Not only does this save space and weight in your suitcase, having access to full libraries when you're on the go is a pretty solid perk, too. However, as with all electronic devices, your Amazon Kindle is best protected with a case, especially when you’re traveling.

While we do have a pick for the best overall Kindle case, ultimately the best case is the one that not only works with your specific model, but also is most useful to your needs. Some cases, for instance, are waterproof for those who like to read by the pool or the beach. Others have a stylus holder for anyone using a Kindle Scribe. And then there's also the matter of aesthetic and textural preferences, too. That's why we've come up with our list of the 12 best Kindle cases for all types of users —so read on to find out which is best for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Amazon Kindle Fabric Cover

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (2)

Why We Love It

  • It's made by Amazon, so it fits the Kindle like a glove.

What to Consider

  • It does not fit Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis devices.

Sometimes simplicity is best and, with this pick, that is the case. There aren't any flashy bells and whistles, but this fabric cover both wakes up your Kindle and puts it to sleep as it’s opened and closed. It also folds perfectly around the back of the device to make both one- or two-handed reading comfortable —hardcover books could never.

The Amazon-designed cover perfectly fits 11th-generation Kindle devices and fastens via a magnet, avoiding clumsy clips or attachments. It's also thin enough to be lightweight yet protective. If there's any downside to this pick, it's that it only comes in four colors. If you own a Kindle Paperwhite, there is a version of this case for that model, too (and it's water-resistant!).

The Details: Kindle | Fabric

Why We Love It

  • It's compatible with most Kindle devices.

What to Consider

  • You can't charge your Kindle while it's in the sleeve.

If you don't like using a Kindle case while you're reading, but you'd still like some protection when you toss it in your bag, opt for a sleeve instead. Sleeves like this model with a magnetic flap also have the advantage of fitting a variety of different devices. The suede exterior isn't necessarily strong enough to protect your device from falls, but the soft interior does help keep it scratch-free, which is usually the bigger worry when you're just storing your device. One disadvantage with most sleeves, including this model, is that you can't charge your Kindle while it's inside the case.

The Details: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Touch | Suede

Best Waterproof

Walnew Universal Waterproof Protective Case

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (4)

Why We Love It

  • A triple lock ensures no leakage.

What to Consider

  • Touchscreens get a little finicky beneath waterproof cases.

There are water-safe or water-resistant cases and then there are waterproof cases— and they are definitely not made equal. The former simply protects against splashes, while the latter allows your Kindle to be fully submerged. With the Walnew universal waterproof case, three zip lock strips ensure that your Kindle will remain dry in any conditions and the clear plastic covering allows you to still use your device while it's inside. That said, we find that plastic waterproof cases aren't always as friendly to touchscreens as advertised, but it's a fair trade for that extra protection. Plus, since this case is not fitted to specific devices, it can also accommodate a range of models.

The Details: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis | Plastic

Best Back Cover

MoKo Case Fit

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (5)

Why We Love It

  • It's adept at absorbing drops and keeping your Kindle crack- and scratch-free.

What to Consider

  • The case dirties easily with fingerprints and smudges.

A back cover case, as you might've guessed, only protects the back of your Kindle while leaving the front open, though this Moko model also has cushioned corners that absorb impact. This adds a slight bit of heft to your device's overall size while protecting it from drops and damage (which, to be fair, is true of all cases). It comes in two different colors, but many owners of this case use the plastic back cover as a blank canvas for decorating their Kindle with stickers or collages. This allows for a level of customization of your Kindle that you rarely see with other models.

The Details: Kindle Paperwhite | Plastic

Best Book-style

KleverCase Book Style Universal Cover

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (6)

Why We Love It

  • Themed covers are great for certain fandoms.

What to Consider

  • The velcro attachment is more cumbersome than traditional cover designs.

Miss the old-school look of leather-bound books, but don't want to lug them around every time you read? The KleverCase Book Style Cover has you…covered. This case comes in eight design schemes that will remind you of fun old tomes — some even nod to certain fandoms, including Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Even the inside is designed to look like a book. The case itself is hard and durable to keep your modern technology safe, and the Kindle is attached to the cover via a piece of velcro. While we feel this feature is a tad inelegant, it does usually keep devices in place.

The Details: Kindle Paperwhite | Plastic

Best Leather

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (7)

Why We Love It

  • A durable, hard leather case that's specifically designed for Kindle Paperwhites.

What to Consider

  • It has a harder, grained leather finish rather than a soft one.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon's own covers perfectly fit the company's Kindle devices, and this leather case for the Paperwhite is no exception. It's thin yet protective, can stay on while your Kindle Paperwhite is charging, and remains shut through a magnetic closing mechanism. Although the cover is made of natural leather, it's hard, not soft, which makes it feel a bit plasticky. That's a big change from former models, so if you've purchased Amazon's leather cases in the past, don't expect this one to feel quite the same. Still, it's a solid case that has an elegant design and offers sturdy protection — and there are five colors from which to choose.

The Details: Kindle Paperwhite | Leather

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Best Fabric

Ayotu Fabric Case

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (8)

Why We Love It

  • Twenty-five color options and an inexpensive price make this fabric case a serious rival to the Amazon brand version.

What to Consider

  • The magnetic strips meant to hold the flap back when the case is open don’t work very well.

Although Amazon's own fabric model took the prize for best overall Kindle case, we love that this Ayotu version comes in 25 different colors for plenty of variety. It has all the crucial features, like a soft interior lining that keeps your device scratch-free and magnetic closures that wake up and put a Kindle to sleep, but it comes in shades from mint green to red wine, too.

The Details: Kindle | Fabric

Best with Stand

MoKo Case with Stand

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (9)

Why We Love It

  • Not only does it have a stand — there's also a hand strap and a slot for cards and cash.

What to Consider

  • The hand strap only works with your left hand.

For hands-free reading, this MoKo case comes with a stand that allows your Kindle to remain upright at an angle on a table or desk. It also includes a slot for storing credit cards, cash, ID, or anything else that's relatively flat. There's also a hand strap on the back that allows you to hold the Kindle without your thumb — though it's only designed for left hands. A plastic-leather hybrid shell makes this case both durable and splash-resistant, and it comes in 16 patterns and colors for a range of customization. Though the case is a little bulky, we do appreciate these bonus features, as well as standard features like an automatic wake/sleep function.

The Details: Kindle | Synthetic leather

Best Patterns

Fintie Slimshell Case

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (10)

Why We Love It

  • It supports wireless charging.

What to Consider

  • It's not as protective as some other cases.

If looks are more important to you than heavy-duty protection, this Fintie case is for you. It's more of a cover, as it doesn't have much shock absorption or other protective features, but it does come in 10 solid colors and 19 patterns and graphics— andwe're particularly drawn to the Composition Book design for the nostalgia factor. Though this case might not be as durable as others, it does have a water-resistant, synthetic leather shell that is, best of all, compatible with wireless charging. The cover also has an automatic wake/sleep function for your device.

The Details: Kindle Paperwhite | Synthetic leather

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Best for Kindle Scribe

Fintie Slimshell for Kindle Scribe

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (11)

Why We Love It

  • It’s equipped with two pen holders.

What to Consider

  • Despite being slim, it's still heavy.

Because the Kindle Scribe has a vastly different size and function than other Kindle models, it definitely requires a specially designed case — and Fintie has you covered. This thin cover has not one, but two pen holders. The first is an elastic loop that's rather secure, while the second is a magnetic holder that's designed for easy access. Not only is the case a pen holder, but its hard plastic/leather exterior protects your Kindle Scribe at the same time. Despite a slim-shell design, this case does add a significant amount of weight to the device, which makes it better for use on a flat surface. However, we do appreciate the multiple solid colors and patterns to choose.

The Details: Kindle Scribe | Plastic/synthetic leather

Best for Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis Premium Leather Cover

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (12)

Why We Love It

  • It's made from soft, luxurious-feeling leather — not hard leather.

What to Consider

  • It's expensive.

While Amazon's newer leather Kindle cases tend to be hard to the touch, the Kindle Oasis Premium Leather cover has more of the plush, soft feel of a worn leather-bound book — the classic feel that long-time Kindle users know. (This makes it perhaps less splash-resistant but more luxurious and pleasant to hold.) As with most cases, this one uses magnetic closures to automatically wake up and put to sleep your device, and its flap folds all the way back for one-handed reading. But the case does only come in one color — brown — and it's one of the most expensive Kindle cases on the market if that shade doesn't appeal.

The Details: Kindle Oasis | Leather

Best With Hand Strap

TFY Security Hand Strap Holder

The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (13)

Why We Love It

  • It can be paired with a case or used on a "naked" Kindle.

What to Consider

  • It lacks the protection of a traditional case.

A hand strap on a Kindle case can definitely be a useful feature —it reduces stress on your thumb and gives you a more secure hold. And while most cases with straps position the straps to one side, this one by TFY smartly puts it in the middle of the case's back so that it can be used by either hand. It might be a bit unsightly but hand straps are practical features, not aesthetic ones. This one can be used across multiple devices, and it also can be used with or without a case. (This is particularly helpful since the strap offers your Kindle no protection!)

The Details: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis | Plastic

Tips for Buying a Kindle Case

Make sure the case fits your Kindle model

Not only are there a variety of Kindle eReaders, but there are also numerous generations of each model so it behooves you to search for your specific model and generation when shopping. This can make buying a compatible case a little tricky, as you'll need to read the fine print to ensure that a specific case works with your specific device. In addition, some cases provide special features designed for one Kindle model, such as a pen strap for the Kindle Scribe.

Decide what style and features suit your needs

Consider how exactly you currently use or plan to use your Kindle before buying a case, as different styles and features are best suited to particular uses. If you often read at a table or desk, you might want to consider a case with a built-in stand. If you're sensitive to textures, consider the materials used in the cover itself. And, if you bring your Kindle to the beach or pool, look into water-resistant or even waterproof cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I measure my Kindle for a case?

    To determine the size of your Kindle, measure diagonally across the lit area of the screen, just as you would a TV screen. You should also read the fine print of the case to ensure it will fit your specific model —most cases list compatible models in their descriptions.

  • What's the best material for a Kindle case?

    Hard cases tend to be the best as they are the most protective against bumps, but if you're just looking for something to protect your device from scratches, a soft material is perfectly fine.

  • How do I clean a Kindle case?

    It depends on the material, so you should read your manufacturer's instructions. But, generally speaking, washing or spot cleaning the case with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap should do the trick.

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The Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your eReader When You're on the Go (2024)
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