New iPad Cases for All Places and Every Situation | ZUGU (2024)

New iPad Cases for All Places and Every Situation

ZUGU crafts premium iPad cases, born from the belief that innovation is the art of solving a problem before anyone knew it existed.

With this principle in mind, we set about creating a new generation of iPad cases designed through the careful fusion of heightened functionality with durability and protection.

The form and style of ZUGU cases have evolved naturally, resulting from designing products that safeguard your tablets in every situation and protect them in compact cases. These are conceived to provide new aspects of functionality, integrated to improve the tablet-using experience.

ZUGU premium iPad cases sculpt elegance from practicality. Each is crafted from a composite of premium, high-performance materials, expertly constructed to deliver next-level utility. Each is the product of a passion and the result of a journey — one that has led to the perfect marriage of style and purpose.

ZUGU Cases. Your iPad's Ideal Travel Companion

We understand the necessity of having your iPad on the go. These powerful devices were built for portability. They’re a work tool, a creative field book, and a recreational pleasure to be utilized and enjoyed wherever you are.

As a leading-edge electronic device, an iPad is a significant purchase that becomes more precious as you use it. As such, investing in a premium iPad case is a requisite next step for most of us, and sourcing the right case that combines practicality and protection is vital for securing peace of mind.

Built to withstand everyday drops and falls, all our new iPad cases are constructed from quality materials selected for optimum performance in every instance, from their high-tech exterior shells, precision molded using resilient thermoplastics and rugged polycarbonates, to a magnetically locking cover lined in soft microfibres, formulated to keep your tablet’s screen safe and clean.

ZUGU builds cases that blend the best of all worlds — to ensure your iPad stays safe, whatever the world throws at it.

Introducing the Unique Features of the ZUGU Case

ZUGU is dedicated to refining our premium iPad cases, ensuring every range is crafted beautifully, made with the best materials, expertly constructed, and outfitted with unique features that deliver security and smooth-working satisfaction.

Multi-angle adjustable stand

An iPad case with an adjustable stand becomes more than just a cover, offering new levels of flexibility and giving you new opportunities for viewing and working with your iPad while mobile.

One of the most convenient, and certainly one of the most appreciated, features of the ZUGU case is its multi-angle adjustable kickstand, engineered to be both secure and sturdy. This stand, which is also magnetized, is designed to securely prop your device up in 10 possible positions for the 12.9 cases and up to eight possible positions for the other models.

Drop protection

Rugged enough to relax and tough enough to take the knocks, ZUGU cases are designed to protect your iPad from drops up to 5 ft. The bumpered edges and TPU + PC shell ensure maximum shock absorption. Our premium iPad cases will gladly take the fall to keep your iPad safe.

Magnetic microfiber cover

All ZUGU cases feature a magnetic cover that locks snugly into place when closed to keep out dust and particles and ensure proper sleep/wake function. However, unlike many magnetic iPad cases, the inside of the ZUGU case cover is lined with a protective layer of soft, long-lasting microfiber formulated to keep your iPad screen safe and clean.

Compatible with Apple Pencil

If your iPad Mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro has wireless Apple Pencil charging capability (the regular iPad does not have wireless Apple Pencil charging), your ZUGU case also takes care of that — allowing your Apple Pencil to connect magnetically to your iPad to charge. ZUGU cases are also designed to accommodate the Apple Pencil accessory, so we’ve been sure to equip our new iPad case with pocket storage for this increasingly popular electronic stylus.

Strong but slender

Weighing in at 360-500g, the ZUGU range of cases provides protection you’ll be happy to carry. And with a thickness of just 13mm, our premium iPad cases are as stowable as they are portable.

Free iPad repairs

When you buy a ZUGU case, the hassle and expense of cracked screens become a thing of the past. If your iPad or screen gets damaged while in a ZUGU case, ZUGU covers AppleCare+ repair costs*, so you can stress less and stream more.Learn more.

New iPad Cases for All Places and Every Situation | ZUGU (2024)
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