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How to become a Clinical Research Assistant

A Complete Guide to Becoming A Clinical Trial Assistant with No Experience on Resume

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Clinical Research Assistant Certification

Clinical Research Assistant

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Clinical trial assistants are often the unsung heroes of clinical research. They work long hours, answer many questions with patience and understanding when things get complicated fast-paced job that requires dedication to succeed in this field? If you have those qualities then maybe it's time for an exciting new career as a Clinical Trial Assistant!

CCRPS offers the only accredited 5-day, on demand advanced clinical research assistant certification (ACRAC) course available. Those who complete this program will be well trained to help enhance your chances of getting a job or being efficient and successful in career!

Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Assistant

  • The clinical trial assistant is responsible for maintaining the standard operating procedures, providing regular report updates, and conducting pre-study site evaluations.

  • They are also responsible for assessing study subjects, ensuring compliance with protocols, and administering clinical trials.

  • May require a HS diploma, AS, BS, RN or BSN degree along with 0-3 years of experience in the field. Knowledge of FDA regulatory requirements is necessary.

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Minimum Education Requirements for Clinical Trial Assistant


An associate degree in health sciences is the minimum required for a clinical research assistant. Many employers now prefer Bachelors degrees, so if you have one of these qualifications it will be much easier to get hired!

Clinical trial assistants are a promising way to break into clinical research. becoming one is possible and not as difficult as you might think, but it does require knowledge of administrative tasks like filling out forms accurately for example. If those aren't your cup of tea there's still hope--many CTAs go on afterwards either becoming CRCs, CRAs or even administrators!

Skills You Need To Show on Your Research Assistant Resume

A clinical research assistant must have a complete understanding of the responsibilities and liabilities involved in the use of humans for trial tests.

•An ability to make excellent clinical development plans is essential for success in this role.

•Clinical research assistants must be able to ensure that data gathered from clinical trials are accurate and reliable, and that the legal rights and privacy of subjects are protected.

The job of a clinical trial assistant is made easier and more interesting by having the skills listed above.

Clinical Research Assistant Resume Example

Research Assistant Roles

•As a Research Assistant, you are responsible for conducting literature reviews and analyzing data while preparing materials that will be submitted to granting agencies or foundations. You also ask questions during interviews with subjects as well as maintaining accurate records of all conversations they have conducted throughout this process

• As a research assistant, you will ensure that the faculty researchers have ready access to summarize interviews and provide summary reports. You must also maintain records on assignment completion for this project or any other employing your skillset by doing things like social media management across platforms (i.,e., Facebook & Twitter). Lastly but most importantly: make sure deadlines are met among others things suited towards both parties involved!

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•You may have to attend project meetings, summarize results from projects and prepare progress reports. You'll also need articles for publication or presentations that summarize your findings at field sites where data samples are collected (this is all according the objectives of study). Lastly you could monitor budget while traveling around doing coding verification work on-site with other researchers.

Where to Reach Out for Trial Assistant Experiences and Internships

For those interested in becoming a clinical trial assistant, there are many resources available. You can find local directories online and request experiences or internships after getting certified at: Clinical research organizations (CRO) Pharmaceutical companies Biotechnology companies etc... Getting this job does not require much education; if you're qualified then your chances for success will increase exponentially!

Clinical Trial Assistant Training

Clinical trial assistants can provide a huge advantage when it comes to getting hired for positions. CCRPS offers complete clinical training and certification by the ACCRE through our 24/7 chatline, phone advisor or online webinars at any time during your work day! Certification means that employers will see you as someone who knows what they're doing in terms of handling data from trials--and many students find this helpful enough on its own without having an additional resume boost via scholarships too

Advanced Clinical Trial Assistant Training: CTA Syllabus CCRPS

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What to know for Clinical Trial Assistant Interview Questions

•Clinical research assistants help with large-scale clinical trials by recording and monitoring various things, ensuring the safety of new medications, therapies or treatments before they're introduced into general use. They are always on alert, performing safety and quality checks daily which routine procedures help to ensure the well-being of everyone working in a clinical research institute as well improve data collection efficiency.

•Clinical research assistants are responsible for making sure that trials go smoothly and according to regulation - often having to be versatile enough with their skillset so it can adapt as needed during different tasks given by researchers or clients of clinical trial activities. In order maintain records from each stage throughout the process such as data collection & analysis while also following up on any issues found along way - this position is vital because without these individuals keeping track everything could potentially get lost forever!

Clinical Research Assistant Salary

Clinical Research Assistants are in high demand, so it's no surprise that there is wide variation when it comes to salaries. The average yearly salary ranges from $41000 at 17 hours per week up through 55k if you've got your degree and training under belt!

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Clinical research assistants are an integral part of the process that brings new medications, therapies and devices to market. They help with finding suitable participants by screening them so only those who meet all criteria get enrolled in trials; then they collect data from completed tests which can include vital signs during treatment periods as well as questionnaires after exposure or use of product(s). The results are analyzed before deciding whether additional testing should take place based on outcome.

Clinical Research Assistants keep a running log of everything that goes on in the clinical research institute. They make sure trials are conducted according to regulations and guidelines, which means their work is needed now more than ever before! There's plenty for them to choose from--clinicians may find jobs at hospitals or pharmaceutical companies but there'll also be opportunities with biotech firms if they're interested specifically by what kind lab equipment will best suit certain types experiments .

clinical research careers offer an exciting and fast-paced work environment. You can be successful in this career with just a degree, but if you want to really stand out from the rest of your colleagues then it's important that not only do they provide core knowledge for their field--specifically related courses on what exactly makes up clinical trials or how they function etc.; additionally registering as member/association will allow access into more expert information about all aspects involved which could help speed up one’s progress towards achieving rapid success!

Clinical research is growing rapidly and there’s a high demand for certified assistants. Our certification course is accredited and will give you the skills you need to be successful in this field. With our 5-day, on-demand course, you can learn at your own pace and get certified quickly.

Sign up for our clinical research assistant certification course today!



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