Free Job Posting Sites In India and Job-Portals [2023 Updated List] (2024)

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Finding the right candidate for any job requirement is a very laborious task. In today’s digital age, recruiters and companies regularly post their job recruitment through online job portals or advertised in the leading and widely circulated local newspapers. There are many free job postings sites in India and job portals in India where you can post your job recruitment online. Find below the free job posting sites for employers in India.

There are the best job posting sites for employers. You can check below the list of free job posting sites in India. Few of these websites are free to job posting sites without registration. Here, you will find free job posting sites in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and other major cities in India.

Free Job Posting Sites and Job-Portals

There are several ways to advertise your post or job requirements; still, it is a practice in most corporations to post a job requirement in a newspaper with widespread circulation. Based on the priority and importance of the job vacancy, you can use the various offline and online job posting platforms.

Placing a Job Post on Job-Portal or Newspaper Advertisem*nt?

It costs thousands of rupees to post a job advertisem*nt in a leading newspaper. Also, newspaper ads are of a limited duration: your advertisem*nt is published only for a day or two.

Secondly, you have countless choices for posting the job. Online job posting is the best and most economical solution for finding suitable candidates for particular job openings. Online job posts remain on the website for a more extended period, ranging from a week to a month or even a year.

Some websites offer free job postings and paid job posting through job advertisem*nt services on their job board and job portals.

Top Job Websites and Job Portals In India For Fresher [2022 Updated]

Free Job Posting sites for Start-Ups, Small Businesses, and Home-based enterprises

Startups, small businesses, and home-based enterprises cannot manage to spend money on advertising openings. Hence, you can avail yourself of free job postings sites offered by over a dozen websites.

You can post your job recruitment to multiple websites free of cost, ultimately increasing the chances of more eligible and qualified candidates viewing your job posting. Also, the number of applications you receive is higher, which results in short-listing from a vast talent pool.

Corporate houses, multinational companies, and government organizations have large advertising budgets. Hence, they can easily afford to pay for their job postings.

Many free job posting sites and JobBoard or job portals allow free job posting. We recommend the following 11 Job Posting Websites and Job-portals that offer free job posting for businesses and individuals.

Top 11 Free Job Posting Sites – India 2023

The list includes free job posting websites, free job posting sites, job posting sites in India, job posting sites for employers, the best job posting website, a free job posting website for a construction, a free job portal for construction. The best free websites to post jobs in for all the industry sectors, including Software, IT, BFSI, Retail, Construction, Real Estate, etc.

#1. National Career Service

National Career Serviceis an online recruitment portal run by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. As part of the Skill India and Make in India initiative, this portal offers free job postings in India for businesses, small and large to individuals and families. “The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user-friendly manner,” it states.

One of the best free job posting sites for employers in India. This makes this site one of the best job posting sites for employers. “The portal provides information on local service providers available to household and other consumers for driving, plumbing, carpentry, etc.,” it states.

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#2. Construction Placements Job Board

The only JobBoard for the Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Interior & Design, Architectural Firms, Co-working spaces, Projects, Energy and Power, and Oil & Gas industry. Huge worldwide follower base of 600,000 construction professionals. 1 Million plus page views with five lakhs, monthly visitors: unique and straightforward employer and candidate dashboards.

If you are a candidate looking for better career opportunities in the Construction domain, kindly register your profile here.

Strong social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. Best engagement in the industry than any other job board in the same industry domain. Access to thousands of resumes from the construction domain.

The only job board with social media integrations, i.e., we share each and every job post onto our robust social media networks of construction professionals. Post your job FREE OF COST, and try our job board services. One of the best free job posting sites for employers in India for construction industry jobs.

Construction Placements JobBoard provides job stakeholders, employers who need talent, with their self-management portal. Once an employer is given an account, they can create job listings independently. Employers can submit jobs through interfaces that are easily customized. When people searching for jobs apply, notifications can be configured to be sent automatically to employers. Employers can then log in and see applicant information, resumes, and candidate information.

Post a Job

#3. Indeed

Indeed is a global recruitment portal that offers paid and free job postings. It is one of the best places to post jobs as it is an ideal recruitment portal for startups and small enterprises to post job adverts free.

The only difference between paid and free listings is how your ad appears. Free job postings will appear at the bottom, while paid ads are promoted to appear on top of a search page.

However, this does not adversely impact your free job posting. This is because job seekers are looking for multiple positions and apply to every advertisem*nt that suits their educational qualifications and skills.

#4. Quickr

Quickr is a free classifieds website that offers various services such as buying and selling used stuff to recruitments. However, the advantage with Quickr is, individuals can do free job postings for everyday jobs such as handymen for home or workshop, domestic helpers, cooks, drivers, and many other professions.

You can also look for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other tradespeople through Quickr for short and long-term employment.

#5. PostJobsFree

PostJobsFree is another recruitment portal where small enterprises can post their vacancies. You can post any type of job at PostJobsFree. Your free job posting is generally displayed for 21 to 28 days, depending upon the category.

In some sections, which are highly in demand for free job postings, you may have to repost your ad after a week to get maximum coverage since the previous ones will get pushed below in the automatic listings, which display new ads first.

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#6. Aasaanjobs

One of the best free job portals in India. Aasaanjobsis gradually gaining ground in India as a favored website to search and apply for jobs among fresher and professionals. Aasaanjobs is also one of the free job posting sites for employers that allows the facility of a free job posting under specific categories.

Though many details about Aasaanjob’s paid plans were unavailable through its website, some links indicate you can get free job postings, at least for a limited period. Since Aasaanjob has India-wide coverage, it is perfect for searching for talents in various parts of this country.

#7. Bayt

Bayt calls itself the premier job posting website of the Middle East and lists thousands of jobs in various countries of the Arabian Gulf region, Levant, North Africa, India, and the Indian sub-continent.

Bayt is popular among MNCs looking at hiring talent from India and elsewhere for jobs in the Middle East and North Africa. However, Bayt also lists jobs in India.

#8. WorkIndia

Free job posting onWorkIndiais straightforward. You merely have to register as a member by submitting an online form. Once done, you have issued a username and password. Work India does not receive applications on your behalf.

Hence, you need to provide a postal address to receive applications by mail or an email ID. Filling in the online free job posting is very simple and anyone with basic computer skills.

#9. Freshersworld

One of the best free job portals in India. FreshersWorld is a favorite among fresh graduates, undergrads, and tradespeople looking for their maiden jobs. This is an ideal website for startups and small ventures to look for budding talent.

FresherWorld allows you free job posting in India after completing the required registration formalities. Since this website primarily targets fresher applicants who have no experience or are interns, you cannot put a free job posting for highly experienced professionals here.

#10. PlacementIndia

PlacementIndia has some of India’s top companies and corporate houses among its list of clients. Placement Indiaoffers paid and free job posting services.

The only difference is, paid postings to get promoted automatically on the website to appear on top of the list. However, if you are not in haste to hire, you can benefit from the free job listing facility provided by Placement India.

#11. ClickIndia

One of the best free job portals in India. ClickIndia is among the more prominent free job posting website. This is also an excellent website for startups and small enterprises looking at hiring fresher or middle-level experienced staff. Once again, registration is simple, and you need to provide a postal address or email ID to receive applications from job seekers through this website.


Since India has a vast pool of young talent, millions of job seekers- both experienced and fresher- are looking for employment. Hence, free job posting on multiple websites is advisable since it helps you reach a broader audience. The next time you wish to hire staff, try one of these free job posting sites in India listed above.

All these jobs mentioned above posting sites free post job posting sites free in India. You can quickly post your jobs for posting ads on these job posting sites. Job posting online free websites for employers in India. Job posting websites for free job posting sites in India

Start to post a job for free online, free posting sites. Most of these sites are integrated with Google for employment to provide you the free listing in google search for jobs.

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