EXCELLENT Hotels Near Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville TN (2022)

Graph: Upcoming 20 Days of Vanderbilt Medical Center Hotel Rates

Rates shown are nightly rates before taxes and do not necessarily reflect all Vanderbilt University - Music Row, TN discounts available. The chart reflects the cheapest Vanderbilt University - Music Row hotel for each day and each star rating category.

There is also a whole host of other hospitals, clinics, and physician practices scattered throughout Nashville. All in all, Vanderbilt practices and affiliates cover 9 separate hospital systems across 48 different hospital locations. Vanderbilt is the only operator of a Level 1 trauma center and Level 4 neonatal intensive care unit, as well as a Level 3 burn unit, in the region. Each of these units represents the highest level in its field and therefore treats the most serious cases. Vanderbilt Medical Center is, therefore, an absolutely vital part of the Nashville health service.

The Vanderbilt Medical Center is renowned as a source of teaching excellence. Over the years, there have been a number of groundbreaking advances made on Vanderbilt campuses, including significant early efforts towards digitizing patient records. In fact, two Nobel prizes have been awarded to the Vanderbilt faculty, one for physiology and one for medicine.

While the Vanderbilt Medical Center retains close ties to Vanderbilt University, since 2016 the two organizations have been legally and financially separated.

What Are the Low Cost Hotels Near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Located in downtown Nashville, the Holiday Inn Nashville Vanderbilt is an excellent, affordable accommodation option that provides simple access to both the Vanderbilt Medical Center and the rest of what central Nashville has to offer. Any guests visiting during the summer months will no doubt appreciate the availability of the outdoor swimming pool at the Holiday Inn, the perfect way to cool off and relax after a hot day.

Another bonus to staying at the Holiday Inn is that children stay and eat free at all Holiday Inn properties, potentially saving you a sizable amount on your trip. High-speed Wi-Fi is complimentary, and there are plenty of exercise facilities to keep guests occupied on the site as well.

If you don't mind being just a little bit further away from the medical center, the Hampton Inn & Suites is an excellent affordable hotel option. In addition to the standard free Wi-Fi, guests here can also enjoy a free hot breakfast every morning. The hotel is situated on four quiet acres of space but is within walking distance of local amenities.

Some of the suites at the Hampton Inn provide guests with their own private kitchen. For guests who are going to be visiting the Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment and are looking for somewhere to stay between sessions, self-catering gives them total control over what they eat. This is helpful to anyone with special dietary requirements.

What Are the Luxury Hotel Options Near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Sometimes, it is good to travel in style. More discerning travelers, as well as those who are visiting the medical center as patients, may well want to find themselves something more comfortable and luxurious than a low or mid-tier hotel can offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of upmarket options available in Nashville for those who demand the very best.

The Marriott Nashville at Vanderbilt University is an imposing building that looms large over the local landscape. Located along the same stretch of road as numerous other hotels and restaurants, the Marriott manages to stand out as one of the newest hotels in the area. The Marriott is actually located on the Vanderbilt University campus and is less than a mile from Vanderbilt Medical Center. The hotel is also located just a few minutes' walk from the beautiful Centennial Park, one of the most tranquil attractions in the whole state. This urban park is the perfect place to take a stroll and unwind in the evening.

A little further up the road from the Marriott is Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville. Loews sits adjacent to the Vanderbilt University campus and is located in the heart of Nashville's West End. From the moment you first enter the courtyard outside until you are in your room unpacking, the aesthetic design of Loews Hotel is a sight to behold. There aren't many hotels that can boast this level of style and consistency when it comes to their furnishing and decorating decisions.

Loews is a hotel chain with a reputation for providing guests with a luxury accommodation experience. Their menu reflects the best of local cuisine, something that many chains overlook in favor of a standardized approach. Even the on-site fitness center, outfitted with the latest gym equipment, is a deluxe offering. This is also one of the only hotels in the area that allows guests to bring their pets.

What Discounts Are Available at Hotels Near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

A number of the hotels surrounding the Vanderbilt Medical Center offer discounts to some of their guests. Senior citizens who are members of AARP can take advantage of senior discounts at several hotels in the area. For example, the Moxy Nashville Vanderbilt hotel, located in Hillsboro Village, offers senior discounts to any guest aged 62 or older with a valid ID.

Some hotels provide senior discounts on the basis of age, others will require membership of a recognized group like AARP. Any guests aged 60 or older should inquire about senior discounts when booking just in case something is available.

Another common means of securing a discount is through AAA membership. The Moxy Nashville offers discounts to AAA members, as does the nearby Hayes Street Hotel.

Some hotels will also offer discounts to guests who book as part of a large group. Any travelers who are planning to rendezvous with friends when they arrive could potentially save themselves and their friends some money by coordinating their accommodation plans.

What Are the Best Value Hotel Options Near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Travelers to Vanderbilt Medical Center will find themselves absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a hotel. The local area is awash with well-reviewed accommodation options to appeal to all price points. However, not every hotel offers the same value. In some cases, a very high-quality hotel is still barely able to justify its nightly rate.

The Graduate Nashville is one of the hotels that stands out as being a particularly good value proposition for travelers. The Graduate is located approximately 0.8 miles from the Vanderbilt Medical Center and is within walking distance of all downtown Nashville's must-see sights.

What sets Graduate Nashville apart from the rest of the hotels in the area is its commitment to eco-friendly policies. From the moment you set foot in the hotel lobby, you will encounter a bold aesthetic style that, while not to everyone's tastes, is hard not to be enamored by. Finally, The Graduate Nashville is one of only a handful of local hotels that allow guests to bring pets with them.

The relatively new Homewood Suites Nashville is one of the latest additions to Nashville's West End, offering guests an all-suite extended stay option that couples comfort with affordability. Homewood Suites also has the advantage of being situated perfectly for those who want to take a trip along Nashville's rich musical history while they are here. Since opening its doors in 2013, Homewood Suites has rapidly established itself as one of the best-value options available in the city. A major selling point of this hotel is its fully-equipped kitchens that enable self-catering. There's plenty of good food available throughout the hotel, but many travelers prefer to retain control over their diets while traveling.

Whether you are visiting the Vanderbilt Medical Center to see a friend or relative, or because you are going to be receiving treatment yourself, most people will want to stay in a hotel if possible rather than sleep in the Medical Center. Guests who have specific dietary needs or who are being more cautious about their health may prefer hotels like The Homewood Suites, which provide self-catering facilities.

Within a mile or two of the Vanderbilt Medical Center are several museums, galleries, and other attractions dotted around the streets of Nashville. The Car Collector's Hall of Fame is a must-see attraction for any gearheads out there. Many of the cars in the collection were once owned by one of Nashville's many natives renowned for their musical output. The Hank Williams Jr. Museum is one of a number of sites of interest for country music fans in Nashville.

There are hotels available in Nashville that cater to every possible price point. Most of these hotels are situated in the West End area, with a few scattered further afield. There are at least a dozen options that are within easy walking distance of the Vanderbilt Medical Center and Nashville's public transport infrastructure makes it easy to get around for those who can't walk far. AAA members and senior citizens can take advantage of discounts at many local hotels; it is always worth checking to see if you qualify before you travel.

FAQs about hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center

What are the top reviewed hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

121 Hotel Yangon, Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University and Homewood Suites by Hilton Nashville Vanderbilt, TN are the best rated hotels based on customer reviews in the last 365 days.

What are the upper-end hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel and Graduate Nashville are the top 3 luxury hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center.

What hotels are closest to the area of Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Moxy Nashville Vanderbilt at Hillsboro Village, Homewood Suites by Hilton Nashville Vanderbilt, TN, and Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University are the properties closest to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

What are the most popular independent hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

121 Hotel Yangon, Virgin Hotels Nashville and The Hayes Street Hotel are the best rated independent hotels (not part of a big brand).

What are the most popular Marriott hotels near Vanderbilt Medical Center?

Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University, Courtyard by Marriott Vanderbilt West End and Fairfield Inn N Ste Nashville Near are the best rated Marriott/Starwood branded hotels (based on customer reviews score).

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