Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (2024)

If you want to get your hands on one of the most powerful weapons in Baldur's Gate 3, you will first have to solve the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle. In order to do that, you will need to gather the four Ceremonial Weapons (Ceremonial Longsword, Ceremonial Mace, Ceremonial Warhammer and Ceremonial Battleaxe) and place each of them on their corresponding altar.

Where is the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3?

There are several ways of getting to the upper floor of the monastery. Whether you climbed the vines from the Ancient Sigil Circle, broke through the wooden wall and fought the Gremishkas, passed through the Kobolds, or went by the Magic Mouth and jumped on the broken staircase, once you get into the central corridor with the broken floor, it will lead you into a room with a Circular Glass Window on the floor.

How to get the Ceremonial Longsword

Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (2)

The Longsword is the easiest weapon to find as it is already placed on the correct altar, as indicated by the glowing gemstones. If by impulse you picked up the sword like I did and mistook it for common loot, you just need to place it back on the altar for the gems to begin glowing again.

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How to get the Ceremonial Mace (Map)

Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (3)

The Ceremonial Mace is in possession of a drunken Kobold in the firewine area. To enter this room you will have to navigate from the front of the monastery, where there's a statue of Lathander standing on a skull. Find a broken window on the left wall that allows you to jump in. Since the Kobolds are drunk on firewine, killing them with fire will make them explode (this could be a boon or a bane, depending on whether you fight them from range or in melee).

If you don't want to fight them at all, you can always stealth past them until you get to the one that has the Mace on its back (up on the left wooden platform). You can sneak attack and kill it in one blow, then run away with Misty Step or Invisibility.

How to get the Ceremonial Warhammer

Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (4)

Once you pass the Kobolds, climb to the upper floor and turn back to find vines that lead you further up to the roof. There you will see two eagles guarding the Ceremonial Warhammer that is inside their nest. If you touch the Warhammer, regardless of whether you are invisible or have convinced the eagles you mean no harm, they will attack you.

If that happens, be mindful of not standing too close to the edges, as the eagles can create gusts of wind that push your characters off the roof. The quickest way to win is to pile on the ancient eagle, to prevent it calling the aid of other eagles and turning the fight into a much longer one.

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How to get the Ceremonial Battleaxe

Coming down the vines that lead back to the Kobolds, there is a wooden barricade that is easily breakable. Once destroyed, it will reveal a corridor with an enchanted door you can try to lockpick, or if you keep moving forward, there is another door that leads you outside. A successful Perception check past this door will reveal a crumbling brick wall you can break with bludgeoning damage.

Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (5)

Inside the room, you will find the Ceremonial Battleaxe on the ground, which is being guarded by a spell construct called Guardian of Faith. When you touch the weapon, the Guardian will attack anyone inside the golden circle, but you can easily avoid the fight by staying out of the room and using a Mage Hand to move the axe out of the Guardian's reach.

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How to solve the Dawnmaster puzzle

Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (6)

Once you have the four weapons, you need to place them in the right altars (at the sides of the Circular Glass window).

  • The Longsword is already in place, but in case you moved it, it goes with Dawnmaster Welkinglory.
  • Place the Warhammer with Dawmaster Seed.
  • Place the Mace with Dawnmaster Stockhold.
  • Place the Battleaxe with Dawmaster Vaseid.

Once all weapons are in place, the puzzle will be complete and the wall will reveal a pouch with the Dawnmaster's Crest.

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Dawnmaster Ceremonial Weapons locations in BG3 (2024)
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