Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (2024)


  • The Garfield Movie is Chris Pratt's fifth consecutive box office success, with a strong opening weekend and promising financial prospects.
  • Despite mixed reviews, the film's family-friendly appeal suggests it will continue to draw audiences and add to Pratt's impressive winning streak.
  • Pratt's ability to consistently deliver profitable films despite occasional criticism is proof that he is a star in Hollywood and a box office success.

Chris Pratt has extended his impressive box office winning streak to five films following his latest, but the actor just missed out on an even bigger success. After cementing his star status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pratt has become one of the biggest names in Hollywoodand his latest film continued a positive trend. Despite the criticism Pratt has faced at times throughout his career, the actor has always managed to prove his worth through lucrative films, and his latest film seems to be on track to continue that positive trend after its opening weekend.

The Garfield Movie is Pratt's latest film, after opening to mixed reviews in theaters. The film is Pratt's second animated project in just two years and proves that he can do more than just play comedic action characters. The gap between audiences and critics suggests The Garfield Movie may not be one of Chris Pratt's best films, but its box office success speaks for itself. After just one weekend, the film already seems to be heading in a promising direction, and given the longevity of family-oriented films, Garfield's big-screen adventure is all but confirmation that Pratt's box office run will continue.

The Garfield Movie
is currently in cinemas.

The Garfield film is Chris Pratt's fifth box office success in a row

Chris Pratt's impressive box office success is likely to continue after the premiere of the Garfield film

With The Garfield Movie well on the way to becoming a financial successIt will be Chris Pratt's fifth consecutive box office hit. The Garfield MovieThe opening weekend was a box office smash, with the film grossing $97 million against a $60 million budget. While that doesn't technically make the film a financial success, it seems inevitable that it will turn a profit at some point. If it can hold on to 50%, it will basically turn a profit in its second weekend, and while it might be difficult to hold on to that kind of audience, it's not impossible.

Given The Garfield Movie appeals to the whole family and will likely be a big box office draw in theaters for weeks to come. That suggests the film will have earned a pretty big profit by the time it closes in theaters, continuing Pratt's positive streak. Pratt's success with Super Mario boded well for Garfield's return to the screen, as it showed what the actor was capable of in a family-oriented voice role, which helped him continue his major box office success, and despite the differences between his last five films, Pratt has managed to make each one a hit.

The Garfield film narrowly missed Chris Pratt's fifth consecutive $100 million hit

Pratt's 4 films before the Garfield film all grossed over $100 million on their opening weekend

With gross sales of $97.4 million on its opening weekend The Garfield Movie less than $3 million away from giving Pratt his fifth consecutive $100 million hit. The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Jurassic World DominationAnd Thor: Love and Thunder all had over $100 million openingswhich shows how well each of Pratt's recent films has performed. Of course, these huge projects are some of Chris Pratt's highest-grossing films, proving that he has become a major box office hit, but The Garfield Movie The fact that he almost achieved a similar success on opening weekend is one of the actor's most impressive accolades to date.

With the MCU and Jurassic franchise being cinematic behemoths and Super Mario being one of the most popular gaming franchises of the past few decades, it makes sense that Pratt's four previous films would all do well on the big screen. However, Garfield grossing nearly $100 million on its opening weekend is a huge surprise, especially in 2024. The Garfield Movie may not pull in the same numbers as Pratt's other films, but hitting the $100 million mark in one weekend is an extremely promising sign for the film, especially considering that other major franchises have struggled at the box office.

Garfield is not as relevant in 2024 as he was a decade or two ago, which makes his financial success even more impressive. Considering how many box office flops there have been in recent years, The Garfield Movie The fact that he is likely to win is still a great sign for Pratt, even if it prevented him from setting an incredible opening weekend record.

Chris Pratt's latest films

Box office figures


The Garfield Movie (2024)

$97.4 million (so far)

60 million US dollars

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 (2023)

845.6 million US dollars

250 million US dollars

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

1.36 billion US dollars

100 million US dollars

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

760.9 million US dollars

250 million US dollars

Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)

1.004 billion US dollars

265 million US dollars

Why Chris Pratt remains so popular at the box office

Pratt's polarizing nature hasn't stopped him from becoming a box office hit

Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (1)

Despite Chris Pratt's slightly polarizing nature, he remains a star at the box office. Although Pratt has faced some controversy throughout his career, he remains a mainstream attraction and continues to produce hit after hit. While some of the issues are more personal, much of the online discussion surrounding Pratt seems to stem from him appearing in too many major franchise films and having a similar acting style in those projects. This helps to illustrate why he is still so successful, because Given his reliability in these roles, Pratt is clearly a safe choice for Hollywood.

Pratt is definitely more versatile than you might thinkbecause even his big blockbuster characters still have many distinctive features that set them apart from each other. Modern action movies often need a bit of comedy to give them personality, and Pratt is an expert at mixing action and humor, making him a popular choice for these big projects. Of course, he is not solely responsible for every hit, because Thor: Love and Thunder starred Chris Hemsworth, while Super Mario is a huge franchise that doesn't necessarily need Pratt.

Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (2)


These upcoming films and series starring Chris Pratt confirm how he has replaced Jurassic World and the MCU

Although Chris Pratt has proven himself to be a strong leading man with the MCU and Jurassic Park, the actor's upcoming projects could be even better.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that the actor has definitely helped make these projects more successful, as he is still a popular name with a large following and The Garfield MovieThe recent success is proof that Pratt will continue to be a box office magnet regardless of criticism.

Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (3)
The Garfield Movie
Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (4)

Based on the comic book series by Jim Davis, Garfield is a new take on the lasagna-loving cat and his friends, with the film being entirely computer-animated. Chris Pratt voices the titular cat, and the film aims to explore his early days and new misadventures for him, his friends, and his family.

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Chris Pratt's new film continues an impressive five-film winning streak at the box office (but narrowly missed a better one) (2024)
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