Cheap Flights from Glasgow Prestwick to Palma de Mallorca from £30 | (PIK - PMI) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "No"

Cons: "This company Son unos malditos ladrones Me cago en la madre que los pario"

Pros: "Checkin and security Quick passport control and luggage"

Cons: "The plane was late, boarding process very slow, Lon wait to disembark"

Cons: "Great attractions and clean descending"

Cons: "The seats could have been more comfortable. Lots of people were separated from their party because they refused to pay to book their seats. One man had two small children and his wife was seated in the rear section. Some common sense when organising seat allocation please!!"

Pros: "nothing"

Cons: "the worst traveling experience. as intl travelers could not download the wi-fi at their airport and they charged 40.00 per person for just the check in ticket... the customer service was the worst ever. very nasty employees"

Pros: "The Ariel view of Malta through Gozo and the smooth landing"

Cons: "Crew consistently trying to sell you everything"

Pros: "Nothing late again dirty plane not allowed to bring alcohol on which is fair enough but they don’t mind selling you there own"

Cons: "Everything was rubbish"

Pros: "The pilot and safety tannoy is not loud enough"

Cons: "The app wasn’t working to check in. We arrived to the airport 1.5 hrs early only for them to tell us that there would be a $56 charge for not checking in 2 hours ahead of time. This is absurd. Almost as much as our ticket to Mallorca. Not okay. They were so rude to us and I dont trust that they will do this again to us. It’s a scam in my opinion. Definitely read all of the fine print or they will rip you off. Oh! And we paid for PRIORITY boarding. Psh"

Pros: "Price and punctually."

(Video) Thomas Cook 757 departure from Palma de Mallorca

Cons: "As mentioned being separated by the “ random computer choice of seats. We were put rows apart both with empty seats either side of us, we fly lots and only Ryanair and Jet2 do this."

Cons: "The seats are small and they don’t lay back even when I upgraded to priority. I had to ask for food and water and paid a lot. But mainly the flight was delayed over 2 hours before boarding and then another 45 min in the cramped plan:("

Cons: "I had to book my own flight"

Cons: "For your fault i lost my Next flight to Valencia and nobody of your personal helped me to resolve my problem, when you are the responsables that i lost my flight."

Pros: "It took off roughly on time"

Cons: "Boarding was slow, checking in was annoying (just lots of steps to be done with lots of ppl who don’t travel often and less helpful staff), and the plane smelled odd."

Pros: "Check-in / boarding etc was all fine."

Cons: "Some noisy passengers behind us who swore a lot and the cabin staff did nothing to quiten them down sadly. Not much legroom."

Cons: "80 euros for the flight - 55 euros for a check in fee...what a joke - how do u calculate that price? Over 53 countries visited and that's the first flight I ever had to pay to check in - last flight with them"

Pros: "Finding an affordable flight to allow the family to get away for a weeks holiday that would otherwise not be possible."

Cons: "Having the family sitting separately on the flight as we were not able to afford to pay additional money to per book seats. But it was only a 2 hour flight so we coped. Think it would be a good idea if the airline didn’t just assume that because a child is 11 years old they are able to sit away from their parents. My son has additional needs and so although his chronological age is 12 years his developmental age is only 7/8 years so being sat away from his parents was very stressful for him. Maybe asking during booking if any of the party hav s additioonal needs would be a good idea."

Cons: "It was delayed and no one told us any updates on the fligh. I almost l"

Cons: "When check in took place we were kept in a dark,cold,wet & windy covered area for about 10/15 minutes before being allowed to board the plane. This is really unacceptable in this day & age."

Pros: "All boarded easily and managed to take off a little early from PIK which also meant landed early in IBZ. No probs on the flight."

Cons: "Had to dust off seats of spilled Pringles from previous flight. And floor was covered and hadn’t been hoovered or even a dustpan. No biggie but wasn’t as clean as it could have been."

Pros: "With Ryanair, you can only really like the price and the people. To be fair though, m the toilet was clean.."

Cons: "Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7.30 am, but was still refueling after an earlier flight at that time. In a way it was lucky that it was late; if it had been in time, we would have been queueing on the Stansted tarmac in the rain. As it was, the rain had just stopped while we waited at the foot of the aircraft stairs. We actually took off 45 mins late. The new, additional-cost priority boarding is a joke: almost everyone was a "priority". Several passengers didn't understand the long "priority" queue, so joined it only to be turned away at check-in."

Pros: "Cheap efficient flight."

Cons: "Only two toilets were working. Big queues. Flight delayed by a passenger vomiting with chest pains as we left the standing. She refused to disembark until the captain insisted! Not Ryanair fault."

Pros: "Punctual flight. Pleasant cabin staff"

Cons: "Cabin was so cold that ice was forming on the inside of the cabin wall. Paid for adjacent seats - unnecessary as there were available adjacent seats we could have been allocated."

Cons: "landing had some turbulence"

Pros: "Ryanair gets you there."

Cons: "...eventually."

Pros: "La atención durante el vuelo que duró 30 minutos"

Cons: "El trato del personal durante el abordaje . PÉSIMO !!!"

Cons: "Carry on luggage put in hold"

Cons: "Snack would be nice - does everything need to have a fee? My flight cost about $100, surely a small snack would be possible"

Cons: "Ground crew went on lunch break causing an hour delay. Seat was dirty. Could not understand what the crew was saying."

Pros: "Simple online check in; short ride; arrived on time."

Cons: "We waited on line for over 30 min before boarding; no food or beverages were offered and the plane was not equipped for in-flight entertainment."

Cons: "Ryan Air makes you pay a "Priorty" boarding fee so that you can take your carry-on on board. Then if there's room they'll let non-priority passengers bring their carry-on's. We were at the front of the line for non-priority. They said we had to check our carry-on's because there was no more space. However, they never filled up their overhead bins and they remained empty on the flight! What a scam."

Cons: "Delay of flight and delayed access to car rental (made via Ryan Air). Ryan Air did nothing to help with communicating the delay to the car rental company."

Pros: "Price for the flight"

Cons: "Unexpected, late, and lack of communication of long delay. The gate numbers change at almost the last minute to boarding, meaning you may need to run to the right gate and be last in line."

Pros: "Nada"

Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "Delay on departing"

Cons: "The website to check in was confusing, bombarding with other fees so when I saw the option to check in later I never completed online check in. Plus I was on vacation already in another country with limited internet. I was unaware that I would have to pay a 50 euro fee per person for not checking in online! I was assigned a seat in the last row of the plane while my travel companion was all the way in the front."

Pros: "They are al so helpful"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Arrived at 5.45, checked in, gone through security by 06.30. Flight delayed by 15 minutes, due to passengers not Ryanair. Arrived 15 minutes early so would have arrived earlier at Palma. Staff seemed friendly. No real complaints."

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "We had trouble checking in beforehand we got there 2 hrs early and were still charged extra $100 dollars to print our boarding pass. THIS IS unacceptable"

Pros: "Service on time"

Cons: "People next to me"

Pros: "5 minute early arrival"

Cons: "We stood 10 minutes outside in the freezing cold before boarding."

Pros: "Food and entertainment was not part of the deal. Fine with me."

Cons: "Everything was fine. 15 minute early arrival."

Pros: "low price on time comfortable"

Pros: "The flight crew seemed very professional. The cabin crew was very polite and courteous."

Cons: "The cabin crew seemed very disorganized. As was the boarding process. People were standing during some pretty good turbulence. I am a captain on a foreign carrier. Letting the pax be that uncontrolled endangers others also."

Cons: "I booked flight by mistake. Tried to cancel within minutes and could not reach anyone so I sent email immediately for refund and no proper response."

Cons: "always delay"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Cheaper than others"

Cons: "Seats to upright. No where to store newspapers or magazines when seated."

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