About Care New England | Rhode Island Healthcare System (2023)

Our Mission

To provide exceptional care with kindness and compassion

Our Vision

To be your trusted choice for care whenever and wherever you need us

Our Values

Accountability, Caring, and Teamwork

At Care New England, we are committed to:

  • Quality - Clinical excellence in support of successful outcomes
  • Service - Exceptional patient care experience
  • Access - Responsive and readily accessible services
  • People and Culture
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Workforce Talent
    • Academics and Research
  • Growth - Service network expansion to meet the needs of our community
  • Operational Strength - Integrated, innovative, value-driven system and services
  • Innovation - Creating new ways to enhance:
    • Quality
    • Service
    • Access
  • Community Engagement >>

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We firmly believe in treating all our patient populations of diverse backgrounds with dignity and respect, which is one of CNE’s core values.

We further believe in treating such individuals with dignity and respect regardless of their geographic or socioeconomic background, political affiliation, culture, title and practice area, communication and learning style, or any other real or perceived differences.

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About Care New England | Rhode Island Healthcare System (2)

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About Care New England | Rhode Island Healthcare System (3)

Ensuring the health of the individual communities we serve

Backed by a broad range of services—primary care,surgery,cardiovascular care,oncology, psychiatry,behavioral health, newborn pediatrics and the full spectrum of women’s health services—CNE is reinventing the way health care is delivered, partnering with our patients to provide the best care possible while working to create a community of healthier people.

At Care New England, our most important mission is to ensure that the people who seek our help with their health always receive the very best quality medical care and that they receive it in a way that communicates caring and respect every step of the way. And now, because health care costs have risen so sharply in the past decade, it is imperative that we deliver this kind of exceptional care in a manner that people can continue to afford.

Our Hospitals

Our strengths are based on complementary programs and distinctive competencies of its member organizations. With significant outreach across southeastern New England, we serve as a regional focal point for family health and is well integrated to deliver a continuum of high-quality health care.

Butler Hospital

Butler Hospital is the premier treatment, teaching and research hospital for psychiatric, movement and memory disorders.

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Kent Hospital

Kent Hospital, the second-largest hospital in Rhode Island, provides a full spectrum of primary and acute care services.

The Providence Center

Since The Providence Center opened its doors in 1969, it has provided people from all walks of life with mental health and substance use services.

Women & Infants

Women & Infants Hospital is the region’s premier hospital for women and newborn children. It operates one of the nation’s largest single-family room neonatal intensive care units.

VNA of Care New England

The VNA of Care New England provides a broad spectrum ofhome health,hospiceservices for adults, and the terminally ill.

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Community Benefits

Every single day, in ways grand and small, the highly-skilled and compassionate members of the Care New England Health System workforce proactively transform the future of health care and positively impact lives in the communities we serve.

  • Employment
  • Information Technology
  • Community Education
  • Capital Projects

As one of Rhode Island's largest employers, CNE has embraced a strategic competency-based approach towards recruiting, retaining, developing, and transitioning employees. We recognize the shortage of nurses and allied professionals in the area and have crafted programs to help fill the voids.

Our focus on "human potential" is built on initiatives designed to enhance employee recruitment and retention, improve employee satisfaction, achieve greater diversity and encourage professional development. There is also an emphasis on the workforce of the future, highlighted by outreach efforts with area middle and high schools.

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Technology is more than a way for a health care system to be more efficient internally. It is also a way for us to improve patient care and patient and physician access to health care information.

In 2013, CNE chose EPIC as its new ambulatory clinical information technology partner. With this decision, all CNE-employed physicians and practices moved to a single practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) platform. The primary benefit of this $17-million investment is the improved coordination of information to advance patient care and enhanced interoperability with CNE hospitals and other providers in the state.

This project will bring physician practices into the new era of clinical information technology with modules for medical records, professional billing, scheduling, provider portal, patient portal, secure mobile applications, and multiple interfaces, including system’s inpatient EMR, third-party payers and CurrentCare, the Rhode Island health information exchange network. No effort in CNE’s 16-year history has done more to create system cooperation and cohesion than the incredible teamwork associated with this ambitious undertaking.

CNE is also an active participant in the state and regional Health Information Exchange and a strong supporter of the efforts of the Rhode Island Quality Institute to improve health care and make Rhode Island a national leader in effective use of health information technology.

CNE offers an array of programs designed to provide members of the community with the information, support and resources they need to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families.

Residents of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts have convenient access to free health lectures, screenings, lending libraries, support groups, childbirth and parenting classes. Community organizations and employees of area businesses benefit from wellness lectures we deliver on-site.

When CNE invests in its infrastructure, we invest in the communities we serve. Capital projects contribute to the overall growth and stability of our communities by generating jobs for suppliers and contractors, purchasing goods and services from Rhode Island-based companies, and paying, directly and indirectly, local and state governments.

In response to the need in Rhode Island for increased access to acute mental health care, Butler Hospital in 2013 built the three-story, 48,000-square foot Riverview Building, which includes an expanded patient assessment services center and a new adult inpatient care unit and provides an intensive level of care for the increased number of patients with high acuity needs.

Also in 2013, Kent Hospital completed construction on a new 30,000-square-foot ambulatory surgery center in its new Ambulatory Services Pavilion. A leading example of cutting-edge technology and design, the surgery center is equipped with eight surgical suites, five expansive and three smaller rooms designed specifically for endoscopic technology and interventional spine procedures. The new surgery center has 28 oversized pre- and post-operative bays for patient preparation and recovery.

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Our Board & Senior Leadership

  • Senior Leadership
  • Officers
  • Directors

Senior Leadership

Michael Wagner, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer, Care New England

Mary Marran, MS, OT, MBA
President and Chief Operating Officer, Butler Hospital

Shannon Sullivan, MSW, MS
President & Chief Operating Officer, Women & Infants Hospital

Paari Gopalakrishnan, MD, MBA
Interim President & Chief Operating Officer, Kent Hospital

Jennifer Lee
Interim President, VNA of Care New England

Joseph Iannoni
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Care New England

Bryan Liese
Interim Chief Operating Officer, Care New England Medical Group

Arnold J. Avila, M.Ed.
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Care New England

Jessica McCarthy
Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Marketing, PR, Communications, Care New England

Mae Medeiros, MS, CLS (ASCP, NCA)
Vice President Laboratory Services, Care New England

Gary Speciale
Vice President Risk Management, Care New England

Ashley M. Taylor, Esq.
General Counsel, Care New England


Charles R. Reppucci, Chairperson
Gary E. Furtado, Vice Chairperson
Maribeth Williamson, Vice Chairperson
Douglas L. Jacobs, Treasurer
James A. Botvin, Secretary
Joseph Iannoni, Assistant Treasurer
Ashley Taylor, Assistant Secretary


Kevin Baill, MD
James A. Botvin
Mario Y. Bueno
Sharon Conard-Wells
James E. Fanale, MD
Gary E. Furtado
Kent W. Gladding
Douglas L. Jacobs
William M. Kapos
R. Stephen Manty
Joseph J. McGair, Esq.
Rev. Rudolph Moseley, Jr.

Patrick J. Murray, Jr.
Judith Remondi
Charles R. Reppucci
George W. Shuster
Edward Thomas, MD
Maribeth Williamson

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How many hospitals does Care New England have? ›

The system operates four hospitals: Kent Hospital, a general acute care facility with about 360 beds; the 290-bed Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island; psychiatric facility Butler Hospital; and Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, which specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, and newborn pediatrics.

What hospitals are part of care New England? ›

Current members of Care New England include:
  • Butler Hospital.
  • Kent Hospital.
  • Memorial Hospital.
  • Women & Infants.
  • VNA of Care New England.
  • Care New England Wellness Center.
  • The Providence Center.

What is the biggest problem in healthcare? ›

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  • Australia. ...
  • France. ...
  • Spain.
Jul 21, 2022


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